Hi, I'm Zach

I'm an advanced Luau developer experienced with full-stack web applications.

About Me

My name is Zach, but some people know me better as "Async". I've been coding on Roblox since early 2020 and working on web apps since long before then. My main areas of expertise are implementing user-facing interactions and the backend infrastructure to support them.

My Strengths

  • Writing well-formatted, documented, and efficient code
  • Thinking outside of the box to create new interactions
  • Maintaining constant communication with project leads
  • Developing enjoyable user-facing elements

Technologies I Use

  • Knit communication framework
  • Promise, Signal, and other RbxUtil libraries
  • DataStore2
  • Roact and Rodux


I've worked on a variety of projects, from small personal experiments to large-scale games. A few of my favorites are featured below.

Foxtrot Asylum

Lead developer for asylum roleplay game.

Central Medical Institute

Lead developer for hospital roleplay game.

Mano County Sheriff's Office

Advised and assisted in anti-exploit development.

Dig It!

Led development and re-release of Dig It!.

Hydron Moderation System

Developed Node.js application to synchronize moderation for Foxtrot.

Personal Portfolio

NuxtJS application to showcase my work.


If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me a message on Discord or Twitter. I'm always open to new opportunities!